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Thursday, 21 September 2017

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NIG - Neuruppiner Industrieverlagerungs-GmbH

Friedrich-Bückling-Str. 26
16816 Neuruppin, Germany

Tel.: (+49-3391) 40495-100
Fax.: (+49-3391) 40495-190

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NIG Nürnberg

Geschäftsstelle Nürnberg

Mühllach 9
90552 Röthenbach, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)911 988174-100
Fax.: +49 (0)911 988174-190

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Quality and Safety

no empty promises! Our work is DEKRA certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and SCC version 2006. We are an accredited specialist firm according to § 19 l WHG.


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  • Mechatroniker
  • Montageschlosser
  • Industrieelektriker
  • Inbetriebnehmer/ Programmierer

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NIG - Plant Assembly Supporting Services

We complement our core service areas Plant Relocation and New-Plant Assembly with a comprehesive and custom-tailored package of supporting services for the industrial plant assembly. Lean and flexible service concepts like our progressive maintenance integration distinguish us notedly from inflexible outsourcing concepts of other service providers.

Start-Up of Production Plants

The professional start-up of a plant constitutes the necessary basis for an accurate, safe and reliable production. Our electrical engineers and technicians measure, configure, test and adjust your installations for an unobstructed and risk-free start-up - including or not the actual production of your goods.

Also without our previous assembly of your installations, we will take care of the start-up of your plant. Our service enables you to initiate your production without hesitation and at a maximum safety level.

Customized Maintenance

The concept of our maintenance service distinguishes us clearly from other service providers and illustrates the professionalism, client orientation and customization which make up the corner stones of our service concept. We value the client's satisfaction much higher than the profit-oriented goal of long lasting customer retention. It would be our pleasure to provide you further advice about the risks and chances of outsourcing the maintenance of your production facilities and to elaborate a customized offer for you. Whether inspection, weak-point analysis, maintenance or general overhaul of your installations - we always have the adequate concept for you requirements.

Maintenance of Industrial Production Plants

More and more companies abandon the outdated attitude, that maintenance is just a necessary evil or merely a causer of costs. The continuously increasing pressure in the competition for quality and productivity requires efficient service and maintenance systems. At the same time it has to be taken into account that the meanwhile common outsourcing concepts of external service providers are often not appropriate for the sustainable establishment of efficient maintenance systems for industrial plants.

Internal Maintenance versus Outsourcing

At least medium to long term, a company has to confront the question about an internal or an external maintenance concept (outsourcing). There, it has to be considered that knowledge is one of the most important sources for the generation and maintenance of competitive advantages. The internal maintenance inevitably offers the advantage that the in-house know-how about the own production facilities steadily increases and that thus, the own employees advance to maintenance experts of "their own" machinery. Otherwise, the implementation of an internal maintenance concept takes time and often abrades additionally many of the involved resources. We offer you the adequate solution.

Progressive Service-Integration with the NIG

We offer our clients an integrated concept of outsourcing the maintenance while upgrading at the same time the internal technical expertise. In the first instance, our service of assembling and/or starting-up your production equipment ideally qualifies us for being entrusted with its maintenance. But our participatory service approach also aims at progressively qualifying your personnel for reliably performing the maintenance by themselves and thus, gradually reducing our own maintenance involvement. This concept allows you to simultaneously profit from our know-how, develop your company's internal know-how and to continuously reduce the cost of outsourcing the maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

Our flexibility is your maintenance advantage. Whether in your country or abroad - with the NIG you always dispose of the right partner in order to assure the accurate process of your production. Our and our partners' potential to produce single components or component groups for your production plant offers you additionally a nearly unlimited access to any required spare parts.

Our maintenance of your production facilities can either be carried out in form of a targeted single repair service in order to correct a specific technical failure, or else, according to the DIN-Norm 31051 of maintenance, within the scope of our regular and preventive services for your company. In principle, we always recommend regular inspections and preventive maintenance of your production facilities in order to allow for a soonest possible detection of potential weak spots and for their elimination, in order to avoid as possible the emergency of a sudden loss of production.

Your adherence to delivery dates and the steadiness of your product quality are our major concern. No matter if emergency or need for regular inspection - contact us now in order to ensure that we look after your request as soon as possible.

Adjustment, Enlargement, Modernization

Increase, improve and optimize your production with our services! Profit from the exceptional know-how of our company as well as from our outstanding technologies and excellent technicians.

We plan and realize for you the necessary or appropriate changes to the original configuration of your production facilities during relocations as well as the enlargement of already installed production facilities in the sense of a targeted improvement or modernization. Entrust only a reliable, experienced and certified specialized firm with the adjustment of your installations according to the new production requirements. With the NIG you can be sure to have the right partner at your side.

We always have the appropriate team of experts and the proper equipment available for your project. In cooperation with our partner companies and using the most modern CNC equipment we produce special machinery, components and component groups and integrate them accurately into your production scheme. Cross-sectoral, worldwide, always guaranteed on schedule and according to the agreed upon fix price for our services.

Consulting and Planning

You would like to relocate your production equipment, to install a newly acquired plant or to reliably avoid production losses through the implementation of a maintenance concept?

We offer comprehensive and professional advice for your project and objectively analyze with you the best alternatives. As well in terms of quality as regarding the costs, the consulting, planning and realization by a single service provider is often the best way of implementing your project. Our experience and expertise are your advantage. Ask us!