3D Laser scanners, laser trackers and total stations are part of the tooling for NIG’s measuring experts. They provide maximum accuracy with the precision of a hundredth of a millimeter and clear assembly drawings on the PC, which are highly valuable for customers and assembly staff on site. Contact less measurements allow you to acquire data from a live production system.

We Guarantee:

Maximum accuracy

Lowest tolerances

Modern measuring technology

Digital proof of quality



Automotive supplier

Project type:

Relocation of Barra X Line including 3D-Laser scan

The project was executed and completed as expected.


Industrial surveying of the production line using 3D laser scanner and tachymeter, including layout creation and optimisation of the positioning in cooperation with client’s contacts.

Staking out of the optimized layout at the site of the recommissioning including marking of a center axis (center line).

The complete mechanical and electrical assembly including Start Check was executed at the new site.

A control survey with a laser tracker was performed after positioning and alignment of the machine parts.

The handover of a production ready machinery completed the project.


2 days (measurements)
1 day (stake out)
1 day (control survey)
= 4 days of measuring activities

(3 months for the relocation involving an average involvement of 6 installers)


1 industrial surveyor