As a general contractor, NIG takes on all logistical, mechanical, electrical and electronic control tasks for the relocation as a single point of contact and delivers these as part of a tailored service package at internal construction sites in Germany and all over the world. For this, NIG relies on experienced staff and a collection of high-end special tools.

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Production lines


Manufacturing plants

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Machine manufacturer & component production

Project type:

3D-Scan, layout planning, layout marking on site and relocation of 37 tooling and processing machines, including commissioning.

The project concluded earlier than was planned. The crews were extremely engaged and everything went smoothly. It was the right decision to task NIG with the project and to receive service from a single provider


Actual capturing of the said machines by 3D laser scan, followed by layout planning and layout drawings for the new site in close cooperation with customer contacts.
Marking of new layout by way of marking reference points of the machines at the point of reassembly.

Expert written and electronic documentation of the machines for relocation, including their peripherals by using NIG’s own logistics code and the use of laser trackers for automated measuring of tooling machines and their tool changers.

Mechanical and electric dis-/reassembly of 37 machines by different manufacturers such as Hedelius, DMG or Hermle

Packaging and securing of disassembled machines, including loading by fork lift, truck loading crane and 80-ton truck-mounted crane and respective cross transports.

Organisation and execution of the entire logistics and shuttle transportation.

Execution of control surveys after reassembly by laser tracker, including subsequent commissioning by NIG — plug and play!


6 weeks


Up to 8 skilled technicians
Industrial surveyors, assembly managers,
Industrial mechanics and industrial electricians